Parker Cottage, Cape Town, South Africa

B&B | +27 214246445 | Visit the Website | 3 Carstens Street, Cape Town, South Africa

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Parker Cottage Bed and Breakfast Cape Town is a little different from the usual hotel or guesthouse …

What makes us different ?

Rather than being just a conventional place to sleep, Parker Cottage offers a very much unplugged urban retreat right in the creative heart of Cape Town; harmoniously blending simplicity, comfort, world-class service and an active concern for society and the environment.

Simplicity: no reception desks, mini bars or piped music and television by request only.

Comfort: Five star quality mattresses and linen throughout, superb gourmet breakfasts and wine evenings all included in the price

Service: consistently nominated the best B&B in Cape Town and most of Africa year after year.

Society and Environment: an honest, open-hearted policy to the planet and our employees/suppliers.

The Intripi Team

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