Lavington Hill House, Nairobi, Kenya

B&B | +254 20 2321642 | Visit the Website | Ole Nguruone Avenue , Lavingotn, Nairobi, Kenya

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The name Lavington Hill House is derived from the ideal location of the home seating on top of a hill overlooking the Mzima Springs in the leafy green Lavington suburbs.

The house was constructed as a family home in the year 2000.It was built on the aspirations of a couple wishing to house their family of six children.With time the house was an empty nest as most of the children had relocated in pursuit of career goals abroad.In 2004 the late Dr John Garang deMabior, the great liberator and first president of Southern Sudan and Vice president of Sudan was awed by the beauty and privacy of the house and proposed to lease it as his state residence in Kenya.

It was in this palatial home with lush gardens that he entertained several local and international dignitaries including the Vice President of Kenya and several ambassadors. Following his untimely death, the family chose to convert the lavish home into a boutique resort.

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