Coral Tree House, Pretoria, South Africa

B&B | +27 125671876 | Visit the Website | 102 Blinkblaar Ave, Pretoria, South Africa

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With winter’s chill still evident, a sudden explosion of scarlet splits the grey of the early bushveld morning: our coral tree (Erythrina Lysistemon) heralds the oncoming of spring with single, scarlet flowers on leafless, stark and thorny branches. Soon many scarlet clusters will cover the entire tree and the transformation of the bushveld has begun. Cheeky swarms of redbilled woodhoopoes break the morning and late afternoon quiet with their twitter as they visit their favourite spots, and the shy African Green Pigeon may be seen perching on telephone lines.

​Here at the foot of the ancient Magaliesberg in the wooded suburb of Wonderboom lies The Coral Tree House. Old-fashioned hospitality, a sense of style and excellence, superb quality accommodation and delicious home-cooked meals with a modern approach will welcome you to our establishment. We will welcome you in either Afrikaans, English or Portuguese.

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