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Business Bio.

Enterprise Technology Solutions (Pty) Ltd is a company with a vision to provide efficient and unique business solutions. The Company consists of Engineers who have vast technology experience in operating environments, server and storage technologies and development. We have unique skills in consulting, integration and managed services, to create customised client solutions.

Customer Care Engagements
Based in South Africa and Dubai ETS have a track record of deploying successful IT solutions across Africa and then assisting the customer with the transition to the new solution through extended Customer Care engagements.

Managed Services Engagements
IT infrastructures that are grown over time tend to get very complex in terms of management and this in turn introduces high levels of risk into the environment. ETS have experience of deploying staff into Africa on short term or long term managed services projects to assist with managing infrastructure complexity at an affordable price.

Email: malcolm.flawith@ets-ai.com

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