EXP Marketing, Lagos, Nigeria

Media | +234 16450333 | Visit the Website | Siemens House 98/100 Oshodi, Apapa Expressway, Lagos, Nigeria

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We have attended one of their large events in Nigeria and it was very well executed from a customer point of view.

Experiential Marketing is live, one-on-one interaction that allows consumers to create emotional connections with Brands through personal, relevant and meaningful Brand Experiences.
Exp is an experiential ideas agency that actively

• We design and execute measurable Brand Experiences through activation & sponsorship
• We design & execute measurable behaviour change strategies for social marketing campaigns

How We Bring Brands to Life
– Brand Activation Strategy, Brand Campaigns, Events and Launches
– Special Events Conferences, Music Events, Festivals and Pan-African Campaigns
– Social Marketing / CSI Strategy, Behaviour Change Campaigns and Events
– Sponsorship Strategy, Consulting, Leveraging, and PR

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