Card Theft

There is a high risk of credit card fraud or theft all across Africa so please make sure that you take all necessary precautions to safeguard your cards. We have listed the 3 main credit card companies but would encourage you to check the back of your credit cards for the phone number that is listed there. All global assist numbers were validated on 22nd July 2014

Some Security Tips

1. Never let your card out of your sight.

2. Always ask for the Card Machine to be brought to your table.

3. Set up an SMS and Email notification service with your card comapny


Global   +1 303 967 1096

South Africa   0800-990-475

Senegal   888-557-4451

Morocco   866-654-0163

Mauritius   866-654-0165

Kenya   866-654-0162

Link to Website

American Express

Global   +1 800 297 1234

Global   336 393 111

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Master Card

Global   +1 636 722 7111

South Africa   0800 990418

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