City Sponsorship Packages at Intripi

City Sponsorship Packages at Intripi
Author - Mal Flawith     Blog Published - July 6th, 2015

Promote your company and Sponsor your City at Intripi

We have made a lot of noise about FREE advertising at Intripi. This is great for all of the new start ups and small companies who do not have a huge marketing budget and we will continue to offer this for FREE everywhere on the website.

However, if you are a large corporate or even a medium sized business we do have paid advertising options that are very affordable and will give you the maximum exposure when visitors drop in to gather information in the city in which you operate.

We call this City Sponsorship and it simply means that your company will get immediate exposure to any person who visits your city using Intripi.

If you look at the images on this page we have used Lagos as an example.

Whole page 2

To make it easy for you we have created a dummy advert, it’s the big yellow block with “Advertise Here” written on it. If you can’t see it we suggest a quick trip to the optician to get your eyes tested :)

It is strategically positioned on the page in between the map and the category icons as we believe that this is the point where any visitors eyes will automatically go first.

People navigate the site content by clicking on blue square category icons, the system knows that the visitor has searched for your city, in this instance Lagos, so we deliver all of the Lagos information in this very easy to use interface.

As you can see from the image below, whichever category is chosen, your city sponsorship ad will be delivered up every time, in this instance you can see from left to right, Restaurants, Nightlife and Hotels. You can test it by clicking here

All 3

City Sponsorship features

City sponsorship packages are for 12 months

You will have freedom to design your advert within the specified frame size and visitors can click through to a page on your own website to whatever promotion you may have running.

You may change the advert on a monthly basis in order to move with your promotions that you are running.

We will also guarantee that we will re-invest 10% of your advertising fee into social media marketing which is directed at any set of countries that you choose.

Contact us today

Once the city sponsorship has been sold it will not be available for another 12 months so you may wish to contact us as promptly as possible.

We have made this easy for you so you can either write directly to us at or use the contact page at

Search for your city now at and check out where your city sponsorship ad will go.

If your city is not yet listed at Intripi then please contact us and we can bring it online for you very rapidly.

Many thanks for taking the time to read through this and wherever you are in the world, we hope that you have a great day and we hope to hear from you soon. Don’t be shy … we don’t bite …. honest!

The Intripi Team