How to Advertise your business for FREE with Intripi

How to Advertise your business for FREE with Intripi
Author - Stephen Flawith     Blog Published - July 5th, 2015

How to Advertise your business for FREE with Intripi

It’s always great when you see one of those adverts on the internet promising you the world, only for you to discover you have to enter 500 email addresses and go through 60 affiliate websites whilst inputting your bank details. With Intripi, we truly offer you the chance to advertise your business for FREE. We will tell you a bit about us first…

About Intripi

When we started Intripi it was based on 15 years of experience of travelling around the Middle East and Africa, having faced all kinds of issues across the continent.

The catalyst for “Intripi”, as we like to call it, was when a South African friend, who was trying to organise a dinner at a restaurant for a group of people who were visiting Johannesburg,  said “Sheeesh! It’s so hard trying to find the right place. You have to go to a dozen websites to find what you need.”

So… The Intripi concept was created to let travellers find what they need across the African continent within two clicks by using our Search Bar. Well, at least we hope it does. We are still young, and we are working tirelessly to try and build a travelling community centralised around all things Africa.

How does this help me? 

We want to become iconic as the “go to” website for travelling in Africa. If you own or manage any of the following businesses we will list your business on our site and make it easy for the discerning traveller to find! We are making a lot of noise in various digital corners and have large footfall using the website. It’s as easy as that. Click here to fill out a form about your establishment and we will do the rest.

Businesses that we list

Restaurants: from coffee shops to fine dining and everything in between.

Bars, Pubs, Lounge bars & Nightclubs

Hotels, B&B’s, Hostels, Guest houses

Security Companies, personal security, armed response, alarm systems

Tour & Travel Operators: safaris, diving, tourist attractions, vineyards, museums

Transport Companies: taxis, airport transfers, bus companies, train, trusted drivers

Business Services: lawyers, accounting firms, PR companies, photographers, media companies, logistics, relocation, events management

Emergency Services: Hospitals, Air Rescue, Police and Fire

It’s as easy as that, just follow this link and you can start promoting your business to a global community for free.

Stay Safe,

Intripi Team