The Taphouse, Durban, South Africa

Pub | +27 0315723674 | Visit the Website | Davallen Centre, 22 Davallen Rd, Durban, South Africa

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The Taphouse is a tasteful, eclectic combination of restaurant and pub situated in the heart of the neighbourhood.

Serving a wide range of drinks including craft beer on tap and offering small, tasty menus with weekly specials, The Taphouse Pint Size Pubs are ideal venues for “Regulars”, visitors, sport watchers and ladies out for a meal or a drink with friends. All meals are prepared on site by our chefs and kitchen teams to ensure freshness and flavour and we are committed to delivering consistently well prepared dishes at reasonable prices.

​The cosy atmosphere, invested owners and dedicated staff ensure that patrons receive personal attention and experience true hospitality, making the Taphouse exactly what it claims to be – Small. Simple. Special.

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