Brew Haus, Durban, South Africa

Pub | +27 742975746 | Visit the Website | 1st Floor, Cnr Broadway & Kensington Dr, Durban, South Africa

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We are a craft federation, BrewHaus is what we would like to call a rock and roll craft bar. We do not want to be associated with all the commercial products out there, but rather a select few that are stand outs in the industry. We have a great vibe, view and variety of craft beer, whiskey, wines and spirits. BrewHaus is your local upmarket watering hole! Join the family and enjoy the view.

We call on all those tattoo’d or un-tattoo’d, long haired or short haired, bearded or unbearded. We are a place with no frills and that’s who we are. Our aim is to provide a platform for brewers and breweries to showcase what they have to offer and be the local pioneers of a trend that is taking the world by storm.

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