One Stop Africa moves to Intripi

One Stop Africa moves to Intripi
Author - Mal Flawith     Blog Published - January 20th, 2016

For the past 12 months One Stop Africa has been open to the global public in a testing phase of our development. In total, we have had over 3.6 million hits on the website and around 100,000 unique visitors from all over the planet and all that we did was a little bit of Facebook marketing. I even had a job enquiry from a gentleman in Uganda whose relative from England had told him about One Stop Africa. The positive response to OSA from everyone has been awesome so thank you one and all.

However, in August 2015 Steve and I made a decision to re-brand One Stop Africa so that we could build it into a global platform as it grows past Africa. When something is called One Stop Africa it’s kind of hard to add on South America or China so we decided on a name change and trust me, it is so hard to find a name that is not already a .com.

So you may have noticed that we went quiet over the past few months in terms of noise on Facebook and marketing. This was simply because we didn’t want to promote a brand that we knew we were going to retire.

Today we are proud to launch Intripi exactly 12 months after OSA went live you can find it at Pretty much everything remains the same in terms of a nice easy to use interface to get everything that you need in one website and our commitment to Africa remains the same. On that last note we hope to complete Africa over the next 12 month along with a mobile app for IOS and Android.

Many thanks to everyone who has supported our efforts over the past 12 months, there are too many people to mention so I won’t try, I’ll just grab you for a beer somewhere along the way.

You may remember that Steve’s very creative design of the logo for One Stop Africa  is meant to depict two people shaking hands which fits in with the tag line of “Connecting People and Places”.

                                Shaking Hands

With the decision to re-brand to a name and logo we had to send Steve back to the drawing board to come up with a new brand image that was globally portable and more user friendly on a mobile device

Once again Steve worked his magic and came up with the new Intripi brand which we think is just as cool as the OSA logo …… Nice job Steve.

Hope to see you all at soon

Intripi blue background  Intripi height 230  LOGO VECTOR