Pro Shield, Pretoria, South Africa

Security | +27 829480789 | Visit the Website | Office 1B 291, 28th Avenue, Villieria, Pretoria, South Africa

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Security Guards Pretoria ( Guarding Services )from Security Company Pretoria has become a basic need. Proshield Security guarding services, provide a specialized security guard service to both the commercial and industrial business sectors. Proshield Security Company is a competent, aggressive and competitive security guarding company in Pretoria that relies on years of experience in security guarding and the latest technology with the sole aim to secure your peace of mind and guarding your property. (Guarding Services Quotation ) ( Security Quotation Pretoria ) Contact us for a free quote on Security guards Pretoria.

Proshield Security Guards

PSIRA trained & registered security officers.
Induction training site.
Site specific training to client needs.
Ongoing site training.
Bi-Weekly written service calls to monitor performance.
Armed reaction on verified incidents.
Trained supervisory staff & quality management.
A wide array of services & equipment.

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