Our top 10 Favourite Bars around Africa

Our top 10 Favourite Bars around Africa
Author - Mal Flawith     Blog Published - July 16th, 2015

We thought it was about time that we selected a few bars and pubs for you from around Africa and guess what ….. we are going to go for some of the more “earthy” expat and Irish type bars rather than the glitzy lounge bars.

What better way to whet your appetite for a cruise around bars in Africa than with a picture of our friend Monica (above) who is chilling in Tanzania with a couple of cold beers. However, in contrast to Monica chilling by the sea we just have to start with one of our favourite bars in Accra.

Republic Bar and Grill | Accra

Republic 715

So we said “earthy” and if you do like an “earthy” kind of bar with a great atmosphere and live music then get on down to Republic in the centre of Osu. Republic bar and grill offers a variety of drinks and snacks and frequently organises live music events which pretty much fill the street.

If you check out their Facebook page there is a huge history of rocking street parties and music events and we went there on the of chance and it was packed.

You have to pay a small entrance fee but it’s worth it so get on down there the next time you are in Accra.

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J’s Fresh Bar & Kitchen | Nairobi

J's Fresh Bar 716

Johnnie contacted us and gave us a telling off for not listing J’s (I wonder why they call it J’s) so we put it up as a premium listing because we liked it so much. Cool place Johnnie, thanks for the heads up.

J’s is a really cool gastro pub and you need to get on down there and catch some great food in a great atmosphere. They have regular theme nights and good sounds. Rumour has it that if you work for Intripi you get a free beer.

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Bubbles O’Learys | Kampala

bubbles 715

OK here is our first Irish bar. Now you find Irish Pubs all over the world and they all have one thing in common, they are busy, bubbly, well frequented and everyone is ready to party.

Bubbles O’Learys is no exception so why not head on down there.

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Bottles | Lagos

bottles 715

We love bottles, brightly coloured chairs and wooden tables. The food is tex mex style so it’s no frills restaurant/bar where you can buy a jug of margarita and a bucket of chicken wings and swap lies with your friends.

Tuesday night there is usually a live band and the place gets packed so you need to book in advance.

Go and enjoy!

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Triniti Bar | Dar es Salaam

Triniti 715

Erica from Triniti slapped our butts because we had not listed them so here you are Erica not only did we list you but you are now in one of our blogs.

Trinity is a really lively bar on Msasani Road. Check out their website and Facebook pages to see what events are coming up.

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Dropkick Murphy’s | Durban

dropkick 715

Dropkick Murphy’s comes highly recommended by a local Durban guy so we listed them. Thanks Ruan!

Situated on the ever-buzzing Florida Road, Dropkick Murphy’s is dedicated to providing a truly Irish experience, from the frost that forms around their Guinness and Kilkenny taps right down to the artful combination of brick and mahogany. Apart from the usual Guinness they also serve a great selection of craft beers served by drop dead gorgeous girls.

They are very active on Facebook and a great night and atmosphere is pretty much guaranteed.

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Pat’s Bar | Lagos

Pats 715

Pat’s bar is your typical no frills expat bar on Victoria Island and we have been there a number of times and I like the atmosphere.

There is an indoor and outdoor bar and some big Nigerian lads on the door to make sure you can guzzle your Star beer in safety.

The food is pretty reasonable so if all you want to do it grab a pie and a pint with your friends then get on down there and chill.

Beware. There is usually some horizontal refreshment kicking around that mosquito spray doesn’t work on so you need to know how to manage that.

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Vienna City Beach | Accra

Vienna City Beach 716

Vienna City Beach is a good sized lively beach bar in Accra. It’s multi level and looks straight out onto the beach so you have a choice of sitting out on the sand or in the bar. There are a bunch of other bars around the same location so you have plenty of choice if you want to move on.

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Paje by Night | Zanzibar

Paje by Night 716

If you are on the east side of Zanzibar whether kite surfing or chilling, Paje by Night is a lively bar to visit. The bar opens at 08.00 in the morning and closes when the last customer decides to leave. They are famous for their parties, if you check out their Facebook page you will see what we mean.

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Den Anker | Cape Town

Den Anker 715

OK Den Anker is not what we would call “earthy” but it is awesome so it gets a mention. You can find it on the V&A waterfront and those tables are right by the water.

So they serve the usual selection of Belgian beers and some great food in a simply awesome setting looking across the water to the Cape Grace hotel with Table Mountain in the background.

I asked for a Kwak beer which comes in a special glass with a wooden holder and the waitress said “Certainly sir, can I have you left shoe please”. I thought is was a strange request so I asked why and she said that people keep stealing the glasses. Given that I was wearing the oldest pair of flip flops that I own, I thought it was a fair trade.

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So we will wrap it up here and add to this a bit later but why not send us your favourite watering hole from anywhere in Africa. Write to info@intripi.com

Zanzibar 1 715

Have a great time everyone.

The Intripi crew