Abloom Bush Lodge & Spa, Pretoria, South Africa

Resort | +27 768402863 | Visit the Website | Klipfontein K118, Cullinan, Pretoria, South Africa

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In a breathtakingly beautiful valley, beneath endless sunny African skies, just outside the small world-famous town of Cullinan, you will find a 5-star equivalent boutique spa hotel hidden in the bush run by gracious hosts Carmen and Lowie.

Abloom Bush Lodge & Spa Retreat is an intimate sanctuary comprising four stand-alone thatched chalets where guests are indulged mind, body and soul though luxurious private lodging, gourmet meals and lavish spa incorporated in every stay.

Upon arrival, in the informal ambience of this country farm which the owners share with their dogs and a stable of horses, visitors are warmly welcomed into Abloom’s renowned, relaxed yet professional hospitality.

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